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Equine Physiotherapy

Issy has extensive knowledge and experience within equine rehabilitation and maitnenance physiotherapy specifically speciliasing in performance horses of all disciplines. 


Some conditions that may benefit from physiotherapy are:

- Painful and sore backs

- Post op or conservative kissing spine rehab

- Fracture healing 

- Muscle tears or pulls

- Tendon and ligament damage / tears

- Muscle Asymmetries 

- Mechanical lameness

- Scar Tissue

- Stiffness

- Poor Range of Movement

- Splint healing

- Proximal Suspensory Desmitis (PSD)

Woman Riding a Horse

Ridden Assessments

Issy is able to offer a ridden assessment of you and your horse. Seeing your horse move under saddle will give Issy a great insight in to their way of going and of their strength and weaknessess.

This type of assessment is usually undertaken at your initial appointment, and may be repeated further down the line as a review.


Polework is a major component within the exercise prescription programme for you to do at home inbetween appointments.

Issy is also able ot offer Polework sessions / lessons to improve fitness, strength and conditioning

Polework clinics with more than one of you are also welcomed.

Please get in touch for more information

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