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  • Issy Brine

Polework - Why is it important within Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Before becoming a Vet Physio, I knew polework had its benefits, but I certainly wasn't aware enough about the incredible results it can have both with #prehab and #rehab!

It is often prescribed as part of the exercise prescription and homework that you will get after a vet physio has treated your horse or dog.

So what does polework achieve?

- Improves proprioception

- Strengthens soft tissue structures including muscles, ligaments and tendons

- Improves joint ROM (Range of omotion) leading to a greater production of synovial fluid, which joints cannot function without!

This is to name a few...

As an owner myself of a competition horse, polework is part of our daily routine. Even the best show jumpers can find it difficult to walk over a pole in comparison to jumping a big oxer. This is due to them not having the speed and power to get over that pole but instead they have to move slowly and articulate their joints and limbs, engaging muscles and other structures in ways they do not usually. Doing these exercises, builds up strength and stability which prevents injury and setbacks.

If you aren't doing polework already - START NOW! #prehabisbetterthanrehab

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